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Rash Driving of Teenagers

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How many times have you heard the words “Rash driving” and how many times have you associated it with a youngster? The chances are quite a few times. Owning or driving either a two or a four wheeler is one of the most triumphant moments in a teenager’s life. And often one of the most dangerous too. For, it is at this age that most teenagers exposed to the thrills of speeding meet with sometimes lethal accidents.

Most Indian roads are not exactly vehicle friendly. Apart from badly paved roads, there is also bad traffic sense–a potential accident which is just waiting to happen. Says PSI Sagwekar of the Wanowrie police chowky, “There are a lot of young people driving on the city’s roads. And parents too do not really enforce the proper age limit on when to drive. Also, youngsters love the thrill of speed and this and rash driving can result in some really bad accidents”. Sagwekar should know. In the course of his career, he has seen many fatal accidents attributed to causes like these. More often, they involve teenagers.

How to reduce road accidents involving teenage drivers?
Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the most triumphant events in a teenager’s life. It’s also a day most parents should dread, because teenagers are the most unsafe drivers on the road, a threat to themselves and others. Seventeen and eighteen year olds represent only a small per cent of all drivers, but they are involved in a lot of crashes.

The problem lies not at the driver's end but with teenagers, who tend to be impulsive and fearless. They are much more apt to speed, tailgate, shun seat belts, and show off. Indeed, about 44 percent of teen accidents are single–car crashes, such as smashing into a tree, which basically indicates foolish driving. A direct approach to the problem would be to raise the age at which teens can get their licenses. Beginning drivers who are over age 21 have fewer crashes and other problems than do beginners in their teens. In fact, many countries don't license drivers under 18.

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pushpender kumar raj
June 18, 2010
Votes: +7

i just want to know about rash driving and its consequences for every type of people. not only for teenagers because rash driving can be done by any aged people and not only by teenagers

kb kanwar
February 20, 2011
Votes: +6
Rash Driving

Teenager manage of obtain driving licence and they are considered to be most unsafe drivers and they do not follow the rules of the road avoid seat belt ,helments feel pleasure to drive more than two on the bike,indiscipline, zig-zag, rash, drunken driving on the roads of tricity have become like untreated diseases. Driving in the city lanes can be chaotic. People cut lanes much faster than hot knife. The auto-rickshaw drivers, young bike riders and youth driving cars are the worst example. It gives much ugly show when such drivers picking up fights with the other drivers, intolerance and hurry results in breaking traffic laws, ignoring right for others road users. Blamming each other and person engaged in blame game. More unplasent, when educated people become Judge themselves and try to settle score there and then. No one is ready to follow traffic rules and regulations. The question of growing traffic crimes in the Chandigarh and its satellite towns Panchkula and Mohali is a matter of concern for the commuters living here. More worrying is that the youngster from well to do families are indulging into it. They have plenty of money to spend so money is not problem for them. But they feel enthusiastic by breaking law and show the public that they are not ordinary people. They want to prove that their parents/relatives are holding high post in Government and thus they have the legitimate right to break law. The police afraid of them because if they are not let off by the police officer for any crime just as jumping red light signal, drinking in public, making nonsense in public, indulge in argument, hooligan etc., they are likely to tell their parents or their relative sitting on resourceful post and then and police man had to cut a sorry figure. Such parents instead of warning their children instigate them to break law and encourage them. The police who are to maintain law and order become a mockery. It was rightly said by Sh.Rajan Kashayp former Chief Secretary Punjab that we the north Indians feel pleasure in breaking law. Recent accident case where two bike riders where killed by the children belongs to highfy society are the living example.
Through Chandigarh police is fare enough as compared to Punjab and Haryana and they never hasitate to challan. The official figure shown that from 1st January to June 30th 2010 they challaned 627 persons where as this figure for the same period in 2009 were just 233. But much more is required to be done. The question of raising fine is not the right answer but to implement the present traffic rules and to book the culprit within the ambit of correct I.P.C. is more important and to implementation of law, rules for traffic, education and information regarding discipline driving from time to time. +self+discipline is the only way for human safty. Rules should be strick and punishment should be harsh and quick.
But unfortunately, our role models i.e. politicians, beureocrates and police personnels breaks rules much more than ordinary persons. They move as convoy escoted with commando gypsies’ harrase the general public/traffic to make way for their own. In small towns they even do not hassitate to get opened even the railway gate to cross their convoy first. Most of the driver lack, selecting the right lane. Such indisciplined driving creates problems for Ambulances or Fire-fighter vehicles. In the tricity we are not been able to make full use of slip-ways as the people do not have sense where to stop vehicle at red lights which create un-necessary traffic jams. More CCTV cameras should be installed to check over-speeding. We the residents of Chandigarh and upto some extend the resident of Mohali and Panchkula are fortunate enough that inspite of growing vehicles, Chandigarh has become a maximum vehicle density in the country in a small geographical area of 140 sq.k.m out of which 114 sq.k.m. is land and 25.42 sq. k.m. of Sukhana Lake and wildlife sanctuary, we still can drive our cars in the fifth gear. We must educate our Children regarding traffic rules, co-operate with the traffic police and police should also do the traffic duties and arrange traffic, remove cattle menance on the roads, instead of only challaning the vehicle. I have notice Chandigarh Traffic Police adopting new technology. They stopped luxery car to check papers but the owner instead of showing papers started arguing with the police officer and I suddenly noticed that another policeman was making movie of the arguments. I was amazed such techniques will defineately help to strenghthen their case in the court to show the owner threatening the police officer of dire consequences. This is right way to teach a lesson to the high society children who violate traffic rules.
Kulbhushan Kanwar,
General Secretary,
Residents Welfare Association (Regd.),
# 738 Sector-48-A,

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