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Homeopathic Home Kit

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Homeopathic Home Kit Homeopathic home kit
The following remedies are advised to be kept for minor illnesses, first–aid and as specific remedies. Homeopathic remedies have an almost indefinite shelf–life. Unless the pills turn brown, they are quite safe to take even years after purchase. Tinctures may be made into ointments by mixing into pure petroleum jelly, using a sterile instrument.

  • Aconite 30
  • Allium cepa 30, 200
  • Antim Crud 30
  • Antim Tart 30
  • Arg. Nit. 6, 30
  • Arnica 30, 200
  • Arsenic Alb. 30, 200
  • Belladonna 30
  • Bryonia Alba 30, 200
  • Cantharis 6, 30
  • Chamomilla 6, 30
  • Cina 6
  • Gelsemium 30, 200
  • Hamamelis 6, 30
  • Hepar Sulph 30, 200
  • Hypericum 30
  • Ipecac 30
  • Kali Phos 6,30
  • Kreosote 30
  • Mag Phos 12, 30
  • Nat. Mur. 30, 200
  • Nux Vomica 30, 200
  • Podophyllum 30
  • Pulsatilla 30
  • Rescue Remedy (Bach)
  • Rhus Tox 30, 200
  • Silicea 30
  • Spongia 30, 200
  • Thuja 30

Tinctures: (‘Q’ denotes mother tincture)
  • Arnica Q
  • Calendula Q
  • Cantharis Q
  • Plantago Q
Homeopathic Ointments included in Homekit
  • Arnica
    Used for pain in general. Sore, bruised, lame feeling.
  • Symphytum Healing comfrey in a homeopathic base. Used externally as a dressing for sores and ulcers.
  • Hypericum
    Good for injuries that involve pain to nerve endings e.g. finger slammed in doors. Used for bruises. Also very soothing to dry skin, eczema.
  • Thuja
    Remedy for warts, fungus (ears, feet, nails), athletes foot.
  • Aesulus
    Excellent for painful hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  • Rhus tox
    Swelling of joints. Used in Sciatica . Also in rheumatic pain. Pain aggravated sitting, better when in motion.
  • Ruta G
    Swelling of Joints. Arthritis and synovial affections.

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