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Self-Care Flow Chart of Headache

Symptoms Diagnosis Self–Care
Step One
Do you also have body ache, nausea or loose motions? Yes You might have the flu or gastroenteritis. If So Use medicines for cold, flu symptoms or for diarrhea.
Is your headache severe, does light hurt your eyes, or are you feeling nauseated? Yes You might have MENINGITIS, which might cause bleeding inside your brain. This is a serious infection around your brain and spinal cord. If So

You need to see your physician or go to the OPD right away.
Have you hurt your head recently? Yes You may have CONCUSSION, a bruise or SUBDURAL HEMATOMA, caused by blood pushing on your brain. If So

Call your doctor right away.
Are you feeling numb, tingling, or weakness in the arms and legs? Do you have high blood pressure? Yes It could be a STROKE or a blood clot. If So

You need to see your physician or go to the OPD right away.
Do you have pressure around your eyes or a running nose? Yes It could be sinusitis. If So

Try a cold medicine for 2 days if it still persists see your doctor for further treatment.
Is your headache in both temples and extending into your neck, or is it when you are working in one position for hours or after driving a car. Is it related to stress or anxiety?     If So URGENT
Call your doctor right away.

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