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Twelve Tissue Remedies


Calcarea Fluorica
This is present in all elastic fibres of the body, in the epidermis, the walls of blood vessels, and also in the surface of bones and in teeth enamel.

All hard swellings, bony growths (anywhere, whether on cheek, jaws, or elsewhere) and indurated glands, indurated tonsils etc.

Bruises on scalp with hard, uneven bumps. (in the head) “A sort of creaking, straining, and drawing, greatly interfering with sleep…”
  • Headache with nausea in the afternoon, better in the evening.
  • Cataract, blurred vision after eyestrain.
  • Thick, greenish–yellow, offensive, lumpy nasal discharge.
  • Cavities of teeth, with boring pain, mouth dry, tongue looks cracked. Enamel of teeth rough, looseness of teeth, with or without pain.
  • Tonsils enlarged and indurated (hard), burning in throat better from warm drinks.
  • Bleeding or blind piles, constipation, pain in back.
  • Pulling pains in uterine area, and in thighs, excessive menstrual bleeding, loss of tone of uterine muscles. Stony hard nodes in breasts.
  • Aneurysm, early stage.
  • Dilation of heart, dilated blood vessels.
  • Varicose veins, varicose ulcers and vascular tumors.
  • Lumbago, weak feeling in lower back, worse on starting to move, but better after continued movement.
  • Chaps and cracks on skin, especially on the palms. Felon (whitlow).
All complaints worse in damp weather and while resting, better by cold fomentation, rubbing and warmth.
Calcarea Phosphorica
This salt is vital for body nutrition and growth. It is a constituent of bones and teeth, of the blood plasma and blood corpuscles, of connective tissue, and is present in saliva and gastric juices and in milk. It is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Promotes cell growth; in fact is essential to initiate the growth process. It plays an important role in the clotting of blood; there can be no coagulation without this cell salt. Apart from its other therapeutic uses, it is an important intercurrent remedy, either as a tonic by itself, or by preparing a ground for the action of other indicated remedies.

  • Memory, comprehension and concentration poor.
  • Pains wherever the bones form sutures (join). Fontanels remain open too long; bones of skull soft. Headache, after mental work, and worse from damp, or change of climate. Crawling sensation as though ice-water trickling over back of head.
  • Hydrocephalus (Abnormally Large head)
  • Photophobia, cataract. Inflammation and much dryness of eyes when teething.
  • Chronic ear discharges with simultaneous throat problem.
  • Point of nose icy–cold. Albuminous discharges during colds/ coughs. Catarrhal discharge flows freely in cold room, stops in warm, open air.
  • Complaints during dentitions – all complaints that come up while child is teething, cold, fever, diarrhea, whatever, if not directly, as a supplementary remedy. Rapid decay of teeth, delayed dentition, toothache with pains worse at night.
  • Enlarged tonsils, aching in throat worse from swallowing saliva than food or warm drinks.
  • Craves ham, bacon, salted/smoked meats.
  • Abdomen sunken and flabby.
  • Colic with green diarrhea, especially during dentition. Spluttering, hot, gushing stools. Diarrhea aggravated by fruit. Pain/tenderness around navel.
  • Rheumatism of the joints with numbness and cold feeling. Sensation as though parts were asleep. Pain in joints from change in weather. Neuralgic pains aggravated at night.
  • Great weakness after illness. Trembling , tiredness, disinclined to labor.
  • Anemia.
  • Rickets, bow–legs, spinal curvature.
  • Worse from change in weather, movement or cold, and better by resting.
Calcarea Sulphurica
Found in the liver where it helps in the removal of waste products. It is present in bile. A deficiency of this salt causes an accumulation of the waste. This usually finds it way out through discharges, whether nasal catarrh, skin eruptions etc. Calcerea Sulph can be called a blood purifier.

  • “Pus with a vent”.
  • Suppurations, deep–seated abscess, discharge of thick, yellow matter.
  • Pustules, skin eruptions with discharge of yellow, purulent matter.
  • Ulcers, abscesses, carbuncles, cuts taking too long to heal.
  • Aggravation or return of symptoms after washing in water, after exercise and from heat.
Ferrum Phosphorica
The oxygen carrier. An extremely important remedy, since it is a constituent of hemoglobin, taking up oxygen from air inhaled and carrying it to all parts of the body. Therefore its connection is to all cells, since iron is present in albumen which is the basis of every cell.

  • The principal remedy in the first stage of almost every illness/disease, bronchitis, carditis, diphtheria, nephritis, orchitis, etc.
  • The first and foremost remedy in the early stage of inflammations.
  • Throbbing pain, redness and heat of parts–whether in headache, inflamed gums, joint inflammation, eye inflammations, otitis (earache), tonsillitis, sore throat, etc.
  • Wounds and injuries–first remedy. Can be applied to wounds and cuts too.
  • Congestion of parts.
  • Anemia.
  • Complexion red and florid, or sallow, pale.
  • Bleeding of bright red blood.
  • Epistaxis (nosebleed).
  • Vomiting of bright red blood.
  • All fevers in the initial stages, and may be alternated with other remedies as indicated. Chilly stage of fevers. Shivering, heat, pain.
  • All symptoms worse from warmth, excitement and motion, while cold and gentle motion ameliorates.
Kali Muriatica
A constituent of blood corpuscles, nerve cells, brain cells, muscles and in intercellular fluid. “A sluggish remedy for sluggish constitutions.”

  • Usually a second stage remedy, often alternated with Ferrum Phos, or with other indicated remedies.
  • Whitish–grey coating on tongue.
  • Grayish–white discharges.
  • Burns and blisters. Can be used externally on burns too–as a compress.
  • Chronic catarrhal ear trouble, esp. middle ear. Acts on closed Eustachian tubes.
  • Primary remedy in glandular swellings.
  • Adenoids.
  • Diphtheria–often the only remedy required.
  • Mumps, also swollen glands about neck.
  • Dyspepsia from eating rich or fatty food. Lack of appetite. Waterbrash.
  • Constipation, stools light–colored, showing sluggish liver function.
  • Congestion and inflammations in the second stage, anywhere in the body.
Kali Phosphorica
Kali Phos may be said to work with Ferrum Phos as an oxygen carrier, it assists in the osmosis of oxygen from the blood to the tissues, completing the process initiated by Ferrum Phos. Kali Phos is a constituent “Of all animal fluids and tissues.. notably of the brain, nerves, muscles and blood cells.”

  • A remedy for nervous peoples or ailments from fright, excitement that disturbs the system. “Nervous dread without specific cause.” Nervousness or nerves are the red–line pointers of this remedy. It is the nerve nutrient.
  • Tired out mentally, irritable, depressed. Sensitive to noises. Confusion.
  • Bashfulness, timidity, shyness.
  • Cerebral anemia.
  • Hysteria.
  • Nervous headaches, indigestion from nervous causes, nervous asthma, etc.
  • Discharges very offensive.
  • Nervous “Gone” sensation in stomach. Ravenous hunger. Hungry soon after eating.
  • Itching of palms and soles.
  • Paralytic or rheumatic lameness.
  • Neuralgic pains anywhere. Painful spasms followed by much weakness.
  • Paralysis of any part.
  • Marasmus (atrophy), Wasting of body.
  • Gangrene, septic hemorrhages with characteristic offensive discharge.
  • Aggravation from exertion, excitement, noise. All pains worse by cold air. Feels better from rest, eating, and warmth.
Kali Sulphurica
According to Schuessler, this is the function remedy of the epidermis. Found in cells, intercellular fluids, nerves, epithelium, blood corpuscles.

  • Scaling of the skin, unhealthy skin, greenish yellow or yellow discharge forming crusts. Eczema. Burning, itchy eruptions. Suppression of rash in eruptive diseases and problems therefrom.
  • Extremely irritable. Hurried, timid, anxious. Fear of falling.
  • Dandruff, crusts forming on scalp, discharging sticky yellow matter.
  • Catarrhs yellow, slimy, always worse evenings and in warm room, and better in open air. “Ripe” colds. Third stage of cough with free expectoration, and rattling of mucous in chest.
  • Engorgement of mucous membranes in nose and throat, causing snoring or mouth–breathing. (esp. after operation to remove adenoids.)
  • Pains of a fleeting, shifting nature, rheumatic/neuralgic pains, cramps in limbs.
  • In most fevers, gastric, typhoid, measles, etc. Fever when temperature increases in the evening, and rises till midnight, then falls.
  • Yellow, slimy, coated tongue. Dreads hot drinks. No thirst.
  • In fevers, when even Ferrum Phos fails, Kali Sulph may be given to promote perspiration.
  • Very prominent characteristic is the aggravation in the evening and in a warm room, and amelioration in cool, open air, in all its functions.
Magnesium Phosphorica
Found in the white fibres of nerves and muscles. Works in conjunction with Kali Phos, which acts on the grey nerve fibres, a disturbance in one almost inevitably affects the other. Best given in hot water.

  • Spasms and spasmodic pains, neuralgia, darting, shooting, sharp pains, in eyes, ears, throat, toothache, gastralgia, piles, backache, rheumatism, whenever the characteristic indications are present. Pains like electric shocks. Heat relieves all pains, while cold aggravates. Better from pressure applied.
  • Spasmodic movements, whether twitching of eyelids, mouth, any limb or body part. Involuntary movements.
  • Spasmodic stammering. Hiccups.
  • In tetanus, can also be rubbed into gums, frequent administration.
  • Cramps–can be used along with Kali Phos and Calc Phos. Cramps in stomach, colicky pain in intestines, cramps in arms and legs.
  • Membranous dysmenorrhea, pain during menstruation, with membranes in discharge. Heat relieves. Can be started before periods are due, to ease the symptoms.
  • Convulsive coughing fits, whooping cough, along with Kali Mur.
  • Always worse from cold. Symptoms better from heat, pressure and rubbing the part briskly.
Natrum Muriatica
This salt can be called the water regulator of the body. It enters into the composition of all fluid and solid components of the body. Its function is to maintain enough fluids in the system.

  • Muttering delirium, delirium tremens.
  • Weepy, but consolation irritates. Despondent.
  • Face shiny, as though greased. Perspiration on face while eating.
  • Dislike of bread. Craving for salt. Very thirsty.
  • Great hunger. Emaciated in spite of eating well.
  • Slimy, frothy appearance of tongue – clear, but with bubbles of watery saliva.
  • Watery discharges – tears from eyes, catarrh from nose, watery leucorrhoea, watery diarrhea, watery matter from skin vesicles.
  • Hammering headaches, especially in school–going children. Headaches with flow of tears, or with vomiting of frothy, watery substance.
  • Colds with much sneezing, watery flow from nose, often accompanied by tears.
  • Constipation with dryness of stool and smarting of anus.
  • Menstrual flow thin and watery. Great depression during periods. Anemia, especially in school–girls.
  • Involuntary movements of legs “Cannot sit still”. Backache better from lying on something hard. Rheumatism when other symptoms correspond. Neuralgic pains when other symptoms match.
  • Dropsy anywhere in the body.
  • Cannot pass urine in anyone’s presence.
  • Chilliness. Constant desire to sleep.
  • Fevers with muttering, twitching and watery secretions, whether diarrhea or vomiting. (Not to be given during paroxysm in intermittent fevers)
  • Cold sores on lips. Herpetic eruptions. Irritation of skin after insect bites.
  • Periodic complaints. Aggravation mornings, cold weather and amelioration evenings.
Natrum Phosphorica
An acid neutralizer. While body fluids are both acid and alkaline, deficiency only occurs in the alkaline factor, since acid is an organic component, always present, when diet is adequate. Therefore what is called “Hyperacidity” is really a deficiency of the inorganic salt that combines with it – Nat. Phos.

  • Creamy yellow coating at back of tongue and the roof of the mouth. In fact this creamy–yellow or golden–yellow color is a prime indicator for this remedy – all discharges, whether from eyes, ears, during colds, coating on tonsils, phlegm expectorated, skin discharges, leucorrhoea, are of this color.
  • Worms and all problems caused or aggravated by worms. Picking of nose, grinding of teeth during sleep, itching of anus, all indicative of worms.
  • Acidity – sour eructation, burning, pains after eating.
  • Morning sickness when sour fluids brought up. Vomiting of acid fluid.
  • “One ear red, hot and frequently itchy, accompanied by gastric derangement and acidity”.
  • Sour smelling perspiration.
  • Rheumatic pains, legs feel weak, creaking of joints, gout.
  • “Rose rash”on skin, with golden or creamy yellow secretions. Eczema with similar discharges. Hives.
Natrum Sulphurica
Regulates intercellular fluid density by eliminating excess water.

Greenish Gray, dirty coating on the tongue. The characteristic coating on the tongue points to the choice of the remedy in headaches, indigestion, diarrhea, skin conditions, whatever the problem.
  • Complaints arising fromliving in damp conditions and from eating fish, water–laden plants,etc.
  • Mental troubles arising frominjury to the head.
  • Biliousness. Bitter taste inmouth. Slimy mucous in mouth, rising from stomach. Vomiting ofgreenish water, or bile. Jaundice. Hypertrophy of liver – sharp painsin liver region, worse lying on the left side. “Irritable liver”.
  • Urine “looks likebrick–dust and clings to sides of the vessel”. Diabetes – the main biochemic remedy. Excessive urination in diabetes.
  • Gout, acute or chronic. Rheumatism with bilious symptoms.
  • “Hands and feet twitchduring sleep”.
  • Skin conditions with bilioussymptoms and the characteristic tongue. Dropsy.
  • Malaria and intermittentfevers – principal remedy for all stages.
  • Aggravation in the morning,and from damp. Better for warm, dry atmosphere.
Found in hair, nails, skin, periosteum, nerve sheaths and bone tissue. Silicea is a cleanser – it throws out from body tissues any unwanted matter. It can often start the healing process by promoting suppuration and eliminating pathological collection.

Not confident, holds back from any challenge, but when decided, does the job well. Mind overtired from mental exertion.
  • Promotes suppuration. Throws out any foreign matter from the body, must not be used for (even past) TB patients. Use for gumboils, boils, abscesses, for suppurating tonsils.
  • General constitution weak and irritable, easily over–wrought and agitated.
  • All diseases of the lachrymal (tear glands) apparatus; Styes and Cataract.
  • Headache from nape to top of head, worse right side, and from noise, mental or physical work and light, and better for warmth. Oversensitive to noise.
  • All type of pus discharges.
  • Disgust for meat, warm food, intolerance for spirits
  • Ravenous hunger, chronic indigestion and heartburn.
  • Menstrual periods with offensive foot sweat; chill through body.
  • Numbness of parts lain on. Pain in shin bone. Bones ache. Spasms in hands from writing, and cramps in feet after walking.
  • Fetid foot–sweat and problems arising after suppressed foot–sweats. Sweat about head.
  • Diarrhea – putrid and offensive, diarrhea after vaccinations.
  • Constipation. Stools recede after emerging.
  • Extremely chilly. Worse at night and during full moon; cannot tolerate cold. Better from rest, and warmth.

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