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Times Of India
04 Oct 2012

The normal menstruating age for girls is 12 to 14 years. A number of follicles or eggs are present in the ovary. Out of which one egg develops on the 14th or 16th day of every cycle. At the same time endometrium, the inner layer of uterus develops. All these procedures are meant for fertilization and if it does not happen, they get discarded from the body every month. This is called menstruation. In Polycystic ovary, the follicle does not get developed or a developed follicle does not get impture.

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All these unimptured follicles cause the swelling of ovary. This causes absence of menses for two or three months. The colour, complexion and texture of the skin on face and body gets disturbed. Pimples and weight starts increasing rapidly. Scalp hair fall and whitening increases. There is unwanted hair growth over face, shoulders, neck, chest and abdomen.

Mind is disturbed, which causes irritation, lazyness and depression. According to Dr. Vinesh Nagare, "As per Ayurved; the follicle is developed from Shukra Dhatu. Body contains seven Dhatus or structures.

Shukra is the seventh best structure. So treating polycystic ovary is to treat the whole body. With Rasayan and Panchakarma, we can get rid of these symptoms."

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