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Aarogya means wellness or well–being and that is precisely what the site strives to contribute towards. is one of the leading Indian health portals. Health portals are not meant to be an alternative to doctors but to complement them and provide various support services. By virtue of its popularity amongst the Internet fraternity, aarogya lends itself well to disseminate healthcare information. Aarogya is ideally suited as a tool for brand building. Aarogya’s depth of 5000 pages covers a broad range of topics, from alternative medicine to latest allopathic and diagnostic practices. Its interactive database section which has searchable information. We at Aarogya believe in the value of the brick and click model.

Our web presence has extended to the real world. Support groups meet in real life. Recovering addicts are now leading meaningful lives as part of main stream society. Aarogya has setup an online counselling and support center in association with Muktangan for addicts. Aarogya has also generated numerous queries for treatment, procedure, products and services.

Some of Aarogya’s features are: