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Whilst the practice of Aromatherapy can seem a little daunting if you are a beginner, there are certain tips that you can use to help you along a little. These include:

Never use perfume oils
One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting Aromatherapy is buying Perfume oils to replace Essential oils. Perfume oils generally do not contain any therapeutic benefits and they are used purely for their scent alone. Essential oils are better overall even if you only want to use the oils for their aroma. This is because the Essential oils not only smell nice, but their therapeutic benefits can also help you feel better within yourself.

Do your research
Always reads as much as you can before taking up Aromatherapy. Once you know what you are doing, it really is easy to start out. There are certain safety elements you need to consider due to the Essential oils being highly concentrated and potentially harmful. One of the biggest safety tips is to never use undiluted Essential oils on the skin. Trained Aroma therapists know which oils can be used undiluted and which ones can’t, however as a beginner you don’t yet know which ones are which. This means that as a rule, you should never use any undiluted oils on the skin whilst you are just learning.

There are also some oils which shouldn’t be used in Aromatherapy such as Camphor, Horseradish and Onion. Children should also be kept away from all essential oils as they can often smell quite fruity and a child may think that they can drink the oil. Overall oils can be, and are dangerous to use if you do not know what you are doing. So always do your research! You can find plenty of information on the internet, as well as in Aromatherapy books.

Shop around
You may think that all Essential oils are the same no matter where you buy them from, however quality can differ from place to place. You’ll notice that the smells of the oils are different from each different place and so it is always better to look around before purchasing your oils. It isn’t uncommon for some companies to claim that their oils are pure and undiluted, yet they really aren’t.

It may be cheaper to buy from mail order companies
Mail order companies often offer a high amount of Essential oils at a discount price. This really can work out a lot cheaper, though again quality will vary from company to company.

Know how to correctly store your oils
All oils should be stored in dark glass bottles, usually amber or cobalt colored, and they should be kept in a cool place. You can also use wooden hinged boxes which make it ideal to transport your oils from place to place.

Overall, it is easy to get started once you know how. However, it is essential that you read up all that you can on Aromatherapy and the different oils in order to learn the safety precautions. Also remember that the quality and scent differs from each place so you should always read the ingredients on the bottle.

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