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Floral treatments address emotional conditions
When dissatisfied with western medicine, a doctor by the name of Edward Bach founded a new system of healing that uses the vibrational essences of flowers.

Developed in Britain by a man named Edward Bach, Back Flower Remedies are said to work on an ‘Energetic level’, healing the body through the essence of flowers. Initially, Bach produced 38 different essences that work on specific emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, guilt and envy.

Some healers use these medicines to address an emotional condition that may be blocking a patient from taking the necessary steps to heal themselves. As these substances are incredibly dilute infusions of the flowers from which they were created, there is much controversy as to their effectiveness and many believe that success while using them can only be attributed to an effect similar to that of a placebo.

Collecting dew
Bach started his career in healing heavily immersed in the schools of western medicine. Later he had his own practice and even worked as a surgeon. After working at the London Homeopathic Hospital, he started searching for a new method of healing. He was dissatisfied with the current methods of treating disease, and chose to look closer at the emotional states of those who were suffering.

Bach thought that dew on the petals of flowers would contain an essence of the flower itself, and by this theory he developed the Bach Flower Remedies. As collecting dew would have been difficult and impractical, he decided to soak flower petals in water while in contact with sunlight. This liquid was further diluted and mixed with alcohol as a preservative.

Edward Bach only lived to the age of 50, passing away on November 27, 1936. Though he only began to scratch the surface of his new passion, the knowledge of his work has had an impact on the work of natural practitioners the world over.

The remedies as used in healing
Many healers to this day still use the healing abilities of the Bach Flower Remedies. Most practitioners prepare blends of the 38 essences to address the complexity of their human patients. Probably the most famous formulation, and sometimes thought of as the 39th essence in itself, Rescue Remedy is a composite of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis and Cherry Plum. This formulation addresses shocking emotional experiences and is used as a successful treatment for terror, fright, stress and anxiety. Although the Bach Flower Remedies are minute dilutions of plants and flowers and are therefore considered harmless, further research and consultation with a trained practitioner is recommended as with all natural medications.

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