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All That You Need To Know About BMI Calculation

What is BMI?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a scale for calculating body fat content of a person depending on his/her weight and height. The scale has been used by various reputed organisations and physicians, from four decades now, to classify a person as obese or non-obese and to predict his/her health status. Obese persons, as per the calculations of BMI scale, are considered to have a high risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, stroke, and gynaecological ailments.

How to calculate BMI?

For calculating the BMI, you must be aware of your exact weight (in Kg) and height (in meters). The formula for BMI is as below:

BMI = weight (Kg) รท height2 (m2)

How to interpret BMI?

Your calculated BMI suggests the following:

Is BMI scale misleading?

Although the BMI scale is used for decades now and extensive research also suggest that people with higher BMI are at increased risk of developing chronic conditions, recent observations question the credibility of the scale. BMI can be misleading in various conditions because: