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Constipation is caused by a number of underlying problems and it’s vital that these are addressed if constipation is to be avoided in the long term. Stimulant laxatives can get your bowel working, and provide rapid relief in the short term, but if you fail to address what caused the constipation in the first place then it may return.

Why am I constipated?
Try and identify which of the common causes of constipation (link to article one) may apply to you and take the appropriate action. The two most common causes I see in my practice are eating too little fibre and/or not drinking enough fluids (a particular problem during the hot summer months or in people who exercise regularly). Correcting both is relatively easy and should be the first line approach for anyone prone to recurrent constipation. Try the following steps:
The cycle of constipation The cycle of constipation
Symptoms of constipation
Symptoms vary between sufferers. Some people just experience a spot of difficulty, having to ‘Strain’ on the toilet, while others may have physical discomfort, particularly: Constipation doesn’t just cause gastrointestinal symptoms, people often experience the following problems when their digestive systems slow down: These symptoms can lead to a lack of confidence, perhaps feeling less buoyant than usual, in fact constipation can really spoil your day. Unfortunately, you may not even realise you are constipated. Many of us lead such busy lives our bowel habits go largely unnoticed, but you know that you just don’t feel ‘Quite right’.