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Cough is an Open Access, peer–reviewed, online journal that will encompass the scientific and clinical aspects of both acute and chronic cough.

Cough is the commonest respiratory symptom for which patients seek medical advice. The cough reflex is a protective physiological mechanism that defends against aspiration of harmful substances into the respiratory tree. However, when the cough reflex becomes pathologically sensitised, the cough becomes highly disruptive, profoundly affects quality of life and serves no useful physiological purpose. The establishment of specialist cough centres around the world has highlighted the magnitude of the problem of chronic cough. A better understanding of the mechanisms behind cough should ultimately lead to more effective treatments, and further research into these mechanisms is urgently required.

Over the years there has been increasing international interest in cough research both at the basic science and clinical level. Despite this, until now there has been no dedicated journal that publishes articles concentrating exclusively on cough. By starting such a journal we can provide a forum that will bring together all disciplines that have an interest in this field: Basic scientists in the disciplines of physiology, pharmacology, molecular biology, neuroscience along with clinicians in fields of pulmonary medicine, ENT surgery and gastroenterology.

Such a forum will assist with the coordination and influence the direction of future research in this field.