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Studies have proven that diabetes has impact on oral health and vice versa. So, it is a two-way street. Oral infections become more prevalent

Dental and Oral Care For People with Diabetes

and severe in case of diabetic patients rather than non-diabetics, and on the other hand gum disease has the potential to affect the blood sugar control in the body, and thereby contribute towards progression of diabetes in the body. People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing gum diseases, getting oral infections, as they are more susceptible to bacterial infections, and their ability to fight bacterial infections is very low. It is because of high sugar content in their blood and saliva, which makes the bacteria and plaque thrive. Other oral problems that the diabetics can face are: oral thrush, which is a fungal infection and can be painful if progresses; and dry mouth, which may further lead to problems like infections, soreness, difficulty in swallowing and speaking.

Special care - some tips:

People with diabetes should keep their blood sugar levels in check, and should also take clinical guidance to monitor it. They should pay attention to their oral health. Having a healthy and balanced diet will also help. Visiting a dentist at regular intervals- at least twice a year will help keeping other diseases and complications at bay. Diabetic people should take the smallest of rash seriously, as it may have serious implications on their overall health. They should make the dentist aware of their condition and all the medication they are taking, before the dentist starts any procedure.