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Periodontal conditions have been linked with heart conditions, whilst oral health can also affect an existing heart condition, and also pose risk for one. In addition, an existing heart condition may require different

Dental and Oral Care For People with Heart Diseases

management of oral health by a dentist, to prevent any complications. Many studies have shown that people having periodontitis are at higher risk for coronary artery diseases. On the other hand, people having certain heart diseases are also at higher risk of heart infection, a fatal problem. Such people need antibiotics before dental treatment is performed on them. This is called antibiotic prophylaxis. Speaking of the medication taken for certain heart conditions, there are some medicines that may influence dental treatment, and may even cause complications during/ after dental treatment. For example, in case of certain heart conditions, anticoagulants are prescribed. They are medicines which cause thinning of blood to prevent its clotting. Now, if a simple tooth extraction is done in such a case, it may lead to severe bleeding, as blood will not clot.

Special care - some tips:

To avoid any health risks, one should always maintain good oral hygiene. People with heart conditions should take special care of their teeth and mouth, to keep any complications at bay. However, if there is any dental problem for which a clinical advice is to be sought, people with any heart condition or disease should inform their dentist of such a condition, and the medication they are taking. People who have had a heart attack should avoid any dental treatment for at least six months from the attack. One thing to remember is- always inform your dentist about any heart condition you have, so that he takes best care of your teeth.