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Headaches can be debilitating and can hugely impact your work outputs. There any many triggers which could be very common or even surprising.

What Triggers Up Your Headache?

1. Stress and anxiety: Constant nagging from your boss or an approaching EMI, anything which cause stress and anxiety can give you a headache. So, worry less and plan your activities to avoid unnecessary stress.

2. Weather: A heat wave in summers or a cold snap in winters are common reasons for headaches. Changes in humidity and barometric pressure can also affect you. Since weathers cannot be controlled, it is advisable to remain appropriately dressed as per the climate and staying hydrated.

3. Glare or dull light: Changes in the intensity of brightness put stress on your eyes and thus can cause headaches. Bright shiny light in summer afternoons or lack of sunlight in monsoons equally triggers a headache.

4. Diet and sleep disturbances: Skipping meals reduces blood sugar levels in the body which induces headache. Proper sleep is necessary to maintain the circadian rhythm of the body. Lack of sleep can lead to many health issues like headache.

5. Foods: Foods like cold cuts, peas, cheese and red wine which contains tyramine can induce headaches in some people.

6. Exercise: High intensity workouts or vigorous weight lifting abruptly reduces blood sugar levels and causes headaches. Thus, it is very important to have a small snack at least half an hour before you head to the gym. Swelling of blood vessels in the head, neck, and scalp also can cause headaches.

7. Lack of activity: Headaches are common in couch potatoes, especially those with poor posture. Low activity levels, reduce blood circulation to head which can cause headaches.

8. Hormonal imbalance: In females, changes in oestrogen levels before periods or during menopause is a common reason for headache.

Other reasons like smoking cessation, tight hair accessories, strong scents or foul smells, abruptly cutting back on caffeine also cause headaches.