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Homeopathy is a system of medicine which aims to treat each particular individual be it a child or an adult. It represents real medical ecology based on natural scientific truths. It is non toxic and when properly administered with holistic approach does no harm to the body. It is also non invasive and works to help the body’s healing powers.

Children are most sensitive and purest gift of mankind. They require rapid, gentle and permanent cure for their small and big ailments.

Homeopathy uses medicines prepared from natural substances that are ‘Similar to the illness’ unlike conventional medicines which treats and often suppresses the patient’s symptoms. Prescribed on its basic fundamental laws, Homeopathy is much safer and quicker than other modes of treatment.

The most common pediatric ailments which keep the parents sleepless/awake at nights, worrying about their children are: Recurrent infections
Includes fevers, Tonsillitis, Adenoiditis, Diarrhea, worms, respiratory allergies etc. All of these are due to low immune status of the child. Weak resistance of the child makes him prone to infections. Homeopathy can do wonders by enhancing the immunity level and make him more resistant to morbific agents.

Delayed Milestones and Growth retardation
Includes late learning to walk, talk, general retardation of growth, learning disabilities etc. Barring genetic causes, there are various environmental factors like nutrition, recurrent infections, insecure family circumstances, lack of proper love etc can hamper the normal growth of a child.

Behavioral disorders
Parental disharmony, lack of proper love and care, domination, over protection, neonatal insults may lead to hyper anxiety states, maladjustment at school, with parents and siblings, temper tantrums, attention deficit disorders, sleep and appetite disturbances, stammering and bed wetting in children.

By taking into account of the patient as a whole and not just the illness, Homeopathy simultaneously confronts the symptoms, the patient’s constitution and even his psychological and emotional reactions.
A carefully selected medicine based on this holistic approach cures all the above mentioned diseases of children and many more.

So crux is, if you were to compare a patient with a locked safe and medicine as a key, then a Homeopathic consultation is like finding the right key and opening the door.

1. Homeopathy is slow to act
It is a myth that homeopathy is slow to act. In acute ailments like fever, diarrhea, acute infections etc, it acts as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster. In chronic cases like diabetes, parkinsonism, psoriasis etc, it may require sometime to eradicate the disease completely from the body and make the body free from any medicines instead of conventional treatments which gives instant relief but the medicine has to be taken life long.

2. Homeopathy is herbal
Homeopathy is not herbal as the source of medicines is from plants, animals, minerals, etc. The mode of preparation of homeopathic medicines is totally unique, the medicines are repeatedly diluted and succussed to enhance the inherent curative powers of natural substances. By this method the material quantity of natural substances is reduced to minimal thereby reducing there side effects.

3. Homeopathy only treats certain diseases
It is false to say that Homeopathy treats certain diseases. Homeopathy medicines have a wide sphere of action on various organ systems of body and are capable of curing most acute and chronic diseases.

4. Homeopathy has lot of dietary restrictions
It is a myth that there are lots of dietary restrictions with homeopathic medicines like onions, garlic, coffee etc. There are only few medicines which get antidoted by certain food products nothing applies as a rule and in most cases no dietary restrictions apply.
Dr. Arminder Singh, B.H.M.S.