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5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate New Year

The new year is knocking your door and you might be excited to have that amazing bash at the new-year party. But, you must be careful not to turn your celebrations to nightmares for the next day. Here we are discussing few things which are usually overlooked while planning for a new year bash.

Bond with friends and family:

Studies show that bonding with close friends and family members on special occasions like new year and Christmas allows you to relieve stress, forget old frictions, and thus makes you mentally and psychologically fitter.

Eat correctly:

Since it is a new year, we will not lecture you to have smaller portion size and low-calorie food. But, it is necessary to avoid some foods which can make you sick. Organizers generally ignore proper storage of raw salads and milk based items like milkshake and kheer on rush days like new-years. Improperly stored foods can lead to food poisoning. Undercooked meat served during a heavy rush can cause food poisoning, belching, and indigestion and, therefore, must be avoided.

Drink responsibly:

It is okay to have few drinks while partying, but one must ensure to check his/her limits. Having cocktails with lots of fruit juice in it is the easiest way to reduce alcohol intake and still have fun.

Say no to drugs:

New year parties organized especially in pubs and clubs often have disrepute of offering narcotic drugs. If you come across any such offer, be firm to say no to drugs. Drugs are the biggest enemy of the society and you must be extremely cautious to not become a prey of this obnoxious habit.

Be safe:

Although it is a taboo in India to avoid a talk about sex before marriage. But we need to accept the reality that sex before marriage exists in the society and thus educating the youth for safe sex is important. Play safe while indulging in any intimate relationship with a new partner. Always protect yourself and your partner from any unnecessary infection and unwanted pregnancy by using condoms. Avoid experimenting with any toy or article if you are not fully aware of its working. Such experiments may not only be harmful to you but may also land you in a very very embarrassing situation. Girls must ensure that their partner is reliable and will not try to manipulate them on the basis of relationship later on. Such manipulations can be very stressful and depressing and can hugely affect your mental health.