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Male Menopause : Myth or Reality?

Just google the word and you will be bombarded with loads of information. Debate is still alive among the researchers and medical practitioners, whether the condition called ‘male menopause’ actually exists or not. Such question arises because there is no fixed age limit during which male menopause can occur, unlike in the case of women. Male menopause is also known as ‘andropause’.

What is male menopause?

Similar to women, men also experience changes and decline in their hormones with age. As per observational research, peak level of men hormone, testosterone is observed during 20-30 years. After which, 1% decline of hormone occurs every year and the hormone levels become halved by age 70. Such changes in hormonal levels leads to emotional, physical, and psychological changes in men and they are said to have menopause.

How is it different from female menopause?

Consequences of male menopause:

Research suggest that male menopause is associated with many health related issues, if not taken proper care of.

Treatment of male menopause:

Testosterone replacement therapy has been observed to have very good and promising results for treating male menopause and related disorders. It is unfortunate that due to lack of knowledge and awareness about this condition, many men remain undiagnosed. It is highly recommended to men to visit their doctors if they feel any drastic changes in their physical, emotional level.