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5 Things You Must Avoid While Visiting a Newborn

Welcoming a brand-new bundle of joy is always exciting for the family members and friends. While visiting a newborn is full of joy and triumph, one must not forget these few basic etiquettes before approaching the little angle.

1. Giving money in hands:

It is good-old Indian tradition to give money as a sign of blessing on any special occasion. But handing the currency notes to the newborn is definitely not a good idea. Currency notes carry a lot of bacteria and pesticides on them and thus, can make the baby really sick. Rather, keeping money in a cover and then handing it to the relatives is a more practical and safer way.

2. Kissing and hugging:

Yes, babies look like cute little teddy bears but you are not allowed to hug and kiss them vehemently. Such acts not only frighten the newborns but also exposes them to allergens and ailment-causing microorganisms. In any case, if you have to carry the baby, make sure you have thoroughly cleaned hands and are wearing clean clothes.

3. Waking the baby:

Okay, you are in a hurry and have pending work at the office or home. But that doesn't mean that you are authorized to wake up the sleeping baby. Babies have very sensitive sleep cycles and waking them from sound sleep makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. Also, it adds to the troubles of the new mother who is already having a lot of sleepless nights. Please spare them!

4. Visiting while unwell:

Never, never, do this. Please be responsible and totally avoid to visit the newborn if you are sick with contagious conditions like flu, respiratory tract infection, conjunctivitis, and other. Both the child and new mother have low immunity and you can infect them very easily.

5. Making loud sounds:

Making loud sound using toys or cheering loudly frightens the baby to hell. Even, he/she can dream about it during sound sleep and wake up and cry uncontrollably. Also, loud sounds can damage the delicate ear drums of the baby.