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Alcohol comes from the Arabian word “Al–kuhul”, meaning finely divided spirit. Teens are often under pressure from various sources, if not their parents then their peer group. One of these pressures is to drink. It can be very hard to say no as this may lead to un acceptance. Drinking is also termed as “Cool” and hence many teens indulge in it not realizing the damage they are doing to themselves. Drinking does not only damage your life but it also can be fatal in certain cases.
Some of the reasons why teens drink are listed below:
  1. To relax and feel better.
  2. To escape from problems.
  3. To gain peer acceptance and fit into a group.
There are many types of alcohol, for example isopropyl and ethyl alcohol. Ingestion of alcohol can lead to total blindness or can even cause death. Substances like after shave lotions and disinfectants should also not be ingested as they contain isopropyl alcohol. The various alcohol beverages available in the market i.e. wines, beer, toddy, whisky, gin, brandy, arrack and liquors contain methyl alcohol.

Features of Alcohol
  1. It is a Drug: Its effects range from a feeling of well being after one or two drinks, to drunkenness which is the acute effect of drinking too much.
  2. It is a Depressant: In small quantities it depresses that part of the brain which controls inhibitions, thus relaxing the drinkers mental state. When the blood alcohol concentration is high, other areas of the central nervous system feel depressed which results in sensory problems.
Effects of Alcohol Parents can help their teens recover from this by