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Vedas and Upanishads define yoga as an important technique of controlling the body and mind, by virtue of which, a yogi can maintain a healthy body and spiritual mind. Practicing yoga in a right and disciplined manner can help to power up your immune system. Researchers have established that yoga helps in reducing the incidences of infections by maintaining harmony of four major physiological systems in the body.

1. Circulatory system:

The Adho-Mukha Svanasana is a short, dynamic sequence which stretches the muscles of the entire body and thus increases blood flow through the body. The white blood cells in the blood are boosted by this asana which effectively fight common infections.

 Adho-Mukha Svanasana

2. Digestive system:

The Dhanurasana targets the belly and improves digestive system. This asana increases blood flow to the digestive tract and boost the action of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells, which provides immunity to the body against many diseases like hepatitis-B and pneumonia.


3. Endocrine and Nervous system:

Sarvangasana is an effective asana which targets thyroid gland as well as the other endocrine glands and regularizes their flow. This asana boost immune system by correcting hormonal imbalance in the body. The asana also harmonizes the nervous system and therefore reduces stress and psychological distress.