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Diagnostic Tests used for Evaluations
No diagnostic tests would be advised for you unless it is a case of unremitting sprain or strain which has lasted several weeks and hasn’t improved as expected. An MRI could be advised to check for occurrence of damage to the discs.

Treatment for Sprain
Treatment in the beginning needs to comprise non–steroidal anti–inflammatory medications. A rehabilitation program involving physical therapy is also generally prescribed. Physical therapy with ultra–sound, heat and ice applied to the lower back region allows muscle spasms to relax. Exercises to stretch painfully contracted muscles which are in spasm, followed by muscle strengthening exercises would complete a physical therapy program.

Prognosis of Sprain
Prognosis is good for a complete recovery of a lumbar sprain or strain injury. The muscle typically recovers nearly 100 per cent with minimal scar tissue, that is if there was tearing of the muscle. You could prevent recurrent episodes of sprain and strain injury to your lumbar spine by a daily exercise program meant to stretch and strengthen your lumbar spine muscles.

Recommendations for Sprain