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Asthma Point Asthma Point
Acupressure Point For Asthma
Asthma is a condition and an attack which can strike at any time. LU 5 (lung 5) or in Chinese, Foot Marsh, is located on the inner arm at the crease of the elbow. The lung line or meridian (or channel) runs along the arm where the skin changes color and texture. The point at your elbow crease in LU 5. The Japanese LU 5 point is about an inch down on the lower arm. Press on this point often to strengthen the lungs.

Nose Point Nose Point
Acupressure Point For Cold
There are several points that can be used to relieve the annoying symptoms of a stuffy nose. This particular point is located on each side of the base of the nose, and it is specific when your nasal passages are blocked. If you have sinus–related problems, there are other points to use to decongest and drain. This point for nasal passage opening is called LI 20 (Large Intestine 20) or in Chinese, Welcome Perfume or Welcome Fragrance. To breathe more clearly, apply even pressure to both sides of the nose at this point.

Sore Throat Point Sore Throat Point
Acupressure Point For Sore Throat
The point on the outside of your thumb by the base of the nail is called LU 11 (Lung 11). In Chinese, it is called Lesser Merchant. This point is wonderful for nipping a cold in the bud. At the first sign of a sore throat, use your other fingernail, a toothpick or a pencil eraser to apply pressure. This helps to strengthen your respiratory system and give it a boost of strength to ward of the invading cold. Don’t wait for too long. Once the cold has taken hold, it will be too late and other points and therapies might well be necessary. This point is also helpful for asthma and congestion.

Anxiety Point Anxiety Point
Acupressure Point For Anxiety
This is a great point for easing anxiety. In the Western numbered system, it is call P6 or Pericardium 6 (also known as Heat Constrictor 6 or Heart Protector 6). In Chinese, the point is called Inner Gate. This point is located 2–3 finger’s width from the crease of the wrist and in the center on both wrists. Pressing on this point brings down “Stuck” energy around the diaphragm that results in the feeling of nervousness or anxiety. It is not only useful for anxiety but also nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness, headaches, insomnia and dizziness.

Acupressure Point For Voice Strain
Voice Strain Point Voice Strain Point
Two different acu–points can be used. They are as easy to reach as your hands.

TW 3 (Triple Warmer 3) or Middle Island, is located on the back of the hand between the 4th and 5th metacarpal bones. First, swallow to get a clear sense of how your throat feels, then press firmly on the point with your thumb. Now swallow again. If this is the correct point your throat should feel better instantly. If you still find your throat to be sore, then proceed to the next point.

TW 3
This, next point doesn’t have a formal number in Oriental Medicine. If TW 3 didn’t help your throat then it may not be simple voice strain, you may also be fighting an infection. Try the point pictured below. It is on the crease between the middle finger and the palm. Use a BLUNTED toothpick. Tap a toothpick (mini–point stimulators given away at every Chinese restaurant) several times on a hard surface. You want to use the blunt end to stimulate the point so as not to break the skin. Try swallowing again.

Throat Point
If neither of these points help your throat, it is most likely that your immune system is depressed. Take some time to relax your body and your voice. Try drinking some Throat Coat Tea (available from Traditional Medicinals and made with Slippery Elm Bark–No, it really is good), or perhaps, some cold season tea. Give yourself some R and R and definitely avoid all dairy products. Milk products create more phlegm and you will only make your throat worse by needing to clear it often. Also the dairy will make the PH in your throat more acidic and in the long run more irritated.