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Description: Get detailed information on training programs and product catalogs. Also, one has access to an information request form.

Description: This site offers an Acupressure kit, a write–up on the history of the system and info on how to get started. Besides, it also offers authentic first hand accounts of those who’ve benefited from the system of healing.
Description: Details about Acupressure and Chinese medicine. Remedies for a host of common ailments like asthma, bronchitis, fear, anxiety, fatigue, hangover, headaches, impotency etc. are listed with a long chain of links to relevant pages.
Description: A comprehensive site about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, maintained by Shmuel Halevi Ph.D. The site includes articles by Dr. Halevi as well as a Medical Advice page for self treatment of various health disorders.
Description: A site which provides informations about the origin, techniques, Methods and meridians. Know about different Acupressure points and why it is the globally popular form of healing in the modern times.