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Laser Acupuncture Laser Acupuncture
In a laser, electro–magnetic energy can be concentrated within a very small area to produce a burning effect which can be used in various surgical procedures e.g. to treat retinal detachment, small tumors, polyps, and internal hemorrhage. Laser rays are known to have biological effects and for this reason the red laser may be used in a variety of therapeutic purposes such as encouraging healing of skin, grafts, skin diseases and treatment of blood dyscrasis. Laser can encourage the reformation of destroyed bone marrow. The helium neon laser machine transmits a red beam which travels in a straight line. Laser treatment is given in a dark room so that other light rays do not disturb the laser beam. Each point is stimulated for a few seconds to few minutes. Laser Acupuncture is useful in a variety of diseases. It is most effective in treating locomotor disorders that is, lumbago spondylitis, osteoarthritic knee, frozen shoulders, sciatica etc. It can be used to treat eye diseases like myopia, hypermetropia, optic atrophy etc. The role of laser in treating tumors is known. It is also useful in treating heart disease like angina pectoris and myocardial infraction. In bronchial asthma too, it is quite effective.