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Aromatherapy Treatment Aromatherapy Treatment
Aromatherapy Treatment can be performed internally as well as externally, the aim being to restore balance to the mind and body. The general physiological conditions improve, thus making the person less vulnerable to diseases. Aromatherapy also helps in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body.

Care to be taken during aromatherapy treatment
One has to learn the blends and massage techniques from the Aroma therapist. Because, if only the symptoms are being treated or if it is not clear what is causing them or if the wrong choice of oil is used, one cannot be expected to make a miraculous recovery.

Aromatherapy is commonly used for the following problems:
  1. Menstrual.
  2. Excretory.
  3. Muscular.
  4. Nervous i.e. anxiety.
  5. Respiratory.
  6. Skin.
  7. Scalp/insomnia, depression.
  8. Arthritis.
  9. Bed wetting.
  10. Sweating.
  11. Gout.