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Common Herbs Common Herbs
Mentioned here are some of the important herbs and their functions as described in Ayurveda. They have been listed according to their functions.

Type Function Herb
Vitalizing herbs Protect one’s life & promote longevity. Mulathi or Mung beans.
Bulk promoting herbs Increase body weight and promote formation of new tissues. Ashwagandha.
Reducing herbs Reduce fat or other accumulation. Haldi (turmeric), black pepper, daruhaldi, guggul.
Accumulation – Breaking Herbs Breakdown stronger accumulation like gall or kidney stones. Kutaj, pashana bheda.
Healing herbs Promote the healing of wounds or cuts. Manjistha, haldi (turmeric), kumari (aloe vera).
Digestive stimulation Appetizer. Saunth (dry ginger), black pepper, long pepper.
Tonics Strength giving herbs. Ashwagandha, shatavari.
Complexion – Improving Herbs Improves complexion. Chandan (sandalwood), haldi (turmeric), manjishtha.
Beneficial for the throat For soothing sore throat and improving voice. Raisins, haldi (turmeric), mulathi.
Heart tonics Good for heart. Arjuna, pomegranate, mango.
Anti–Saturative Relieve false sense of contentment. Adrak (ginger), guduchi, vacha.
Anti–Hemorrhoidal Reduces hemorrhoids (piles). Kutaj, adrak (ginger), vacha.
Anti–Dermatosis Reduce skin irritation. Haldi (turmeric), amla.
Anti–Pruritic Releive itching on the skin. Neem bark, daruhaldi, mulathi.
Anti–Helminthic Destroys worms. Vidanga, betel nuts, pumpkin seeds.
Anti–Toxin Counters poisons. Haldi (turmeric), chandan (sandalwood).
Lactogogues Promotes secretion of breast milk. Shatavari, lotus seeds.
Lactodepurants Purify breast milk. Guduchi, adrak (ginger).
Spermogenic Increases sperm count Ashwagandha, shatavari, lotus seeds
Purify sperms Sperm purifier. Kushta, khus.
Oleating adjunctive Help facilitate absorption of oils Raisins, mulathi
Adjuncts to sweating therapy Allows for easier sweating. Castor root, barley, sesame, black gram, mung beans.
Adjuncts to emesis Anti–vomiting. Honey, mulathi.
Adjuncts to purgation Usually laxative in nature. Raisins, Triphala, Amla.
Adjuncts to decoction enema Helps tone and nourish the colon. Bael, pippali, vacha, Mulathi.
Adjunctives to oily enemas Used for oil enemas specified in Basti in Ayurveda. Saunf (aniseed), Gokshura, Bael.
Adjunctives to cleansing nasal therapy Help remove Kapha from above the neck. Black pepper, Pippali, Mustard.
Anti–Emetics Stop vomiting. Cardamom, fresh adrak (ginger), khus, puffed rice.
Thirs–Relieving Gives relief from thirst. Chandan (sandalwood), coriander, adrak (ginger).
Stop hiccups Stops hiccups immediately Long pepper, dried and burnt husk of coconut.
For normal motions Give form to the feces. Lodhra, isabgol.
Anti–Diuretics Stop excessive urination. Bhallataka, til (sesame).
Diuretics Promote urination. Gokshura, punarnava.
Anti–tussive Stop cough. Raisins, amla.
Counter asthma Stop wheezing, ease breathing. Cardamom, tulasi.
For edema Mainly diuretics and astringent. Bael, gokshura, punarnava.
Febriguge Relieve fever. Draksha, guduchi, manjishta, triphala, raw sugar.
Relieve fatigue Shramakhara. Dates, pomegranate juice, sugarcane, raisins.
Reduce burning Reduce burning sensation of skin. Chandan (sandalwood), khus.
Reduce cold sensation Reduce cold sensation of the skin Agaru, vacha, pippali, adrak (ginger), saunth (dry ginger).
For skin rashes Relieve from skin rashes. Catechu, arjuna.
Reduce body ache To cure malaise, as from fever or flu. Chandan (sandalwood), cardamom, pudeena (mint), karpur (camphor).
Reduce colic pain Anti–spasmodic and analgesic for smooth muscle. Ajwain, saunf (aniseed), adrak (ginger), long pepper.
Haemostatic Stops bleeding. Mulathi, lodhra, honey, nagkesar.
Pain reliever Sedative for nerve pain. Jatamansi, daruhaldi.
Restore consciousness As from coma or delirium Brahmi, vacha, hing (asfoetida), kapur (camphor).
Promote reproduction Cure sterility, remove obstructions in genital tract. Amla, brahmi, kutki.
Promote longevity Rejuvenate. Guduchi satva, brahmi, shatavari, amla.