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Vaidya M. P. Nanal (Ayurved Foundation)
A course has been started by the foundation to popularize and spread the knowledge of Ayurveda and to prevent misinformation on the subject. Specially tailored courses designed to suit students are also organized by the foundation, especially for outstation students.

Syllabus of the Course

Basic Principles
History of Ayurveda, Indian philosophies and their relation to Ayurveda, Primordial pentads, Tridosha, Sub types of Tridosha, Optimum qualities of tissues, Waste products, Constitution it’s type and health advice, Concept of Agni, Digestion Dhatwagni (Tissue fire), Concept of Srotas, Vital points and Marma.

Concept of Health, Daily regimen, Seasonal regimen, Ethical regimen, Relation of Ayurveda & Yoga.

Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Concept of Rasa, Veerya, Vipaka, Prabhava, some basic pharmaceutical processes in Ayurveda, important herbs and their actions.

Concept of Pathology in Ayurveda
Causes of vitiation of Doshas and their symptoms, six stage disease manifestation, formation of disease, Common etiology of all diseases.

Srotas & their Types

Common cause of vitiation of Srotas, specific causes of the same & their symptoms, Common diseases and their herbal treatment.

Clinical Practice
Examination of patients including all systematic examination of Srotas.
Various methods of diagnosis: Pulse examination, tongue, eye, nails, urine and faeces.
Respiratory Diseases: Cough, cold, asthma
Gastro Intestinal Diseases: Indigestion, sprue.
Metabolic Diseases: Obesity

Panchakarma Practicals
Practical demonstrations of