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Tulasi Tulasi
Diagnosis according to Ayurveda is to find out the root cause of a disease. It is not always necessary that the root cause is inside the body. The cause could be some stress causing factors in the surroundings or the family or the work–place. To give permanent relief the root cause (physical–pain etc. or psychological–stress/fear etc.) has to be removed. The treatment of a disease according to Ayurveda, we do not just cure a person of his physical symptoms. The person is treated as a whole (the body and the mind).

Different kinds of examinations are made to find out the root cause of a disease. One of them is pulse examination. By checking the pulse, the ayurvedic physician finds out the position of tridosha i.e. find out the pre–dominant dosha, this is known as the ‘Naadi Pariksha’ (nadi=pulse, pariksha=examination). So once the physician knows which dosha is aggravated or out of balance, the main job is to bring it under balance by using different kinds of therapies. The mental situation, family relations and other outside factors are thoroughly examined.