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Vaidya M.P. Nanal (Ayurved Foundation)
Arogyasaathi Ayurveda (Ayurveda for Health)
Ayurveda is regaining its glory as a system of medicine and this book by Dr. Nanal, helps put a lot of facts about Ayurveda into the proper perspective. He begins by dismissing some myths about Ayurveda and explaining scientifically what Ayurveda really means.

Each chapter in the book then deals with specific complaints commonly heard among people. Thus he deals with indigestion, stomach aches colitis, jaundice and so forth. The book very clearly states that bad food habits are often the cause of our ill health. Dr. Nanal thus, recommends the food we should eat and those we should avoid. This again differs from person to person, as each individual’s constitution is different. Simple remedies for complaints are also given. Emphasis is on home remedies and proper diet.

In the concluding chapter, he talks about the side effects of ayurvedic medicines. The general impression is that ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects and therefore many people tend to go in for self medication. All medicines, like food types may not suit everyone. For instance, if you have a headache, is it because of a cold or is it due to some other reason? The underlying cause for the manifestation of the problem is important before treating it. And the medicine, which works for one type of headache, may not work for another. So cautions Dr. Nanal doesn’t go in for off the shelf self medication, unless you have checked with a doctor first.

A Way to Healthy Life
Charakacharya has defined life as the combination of following four components. The factors which connect these are known as pranas. Therefore any stimuli affecting any one of the components, has its effects on other components also. The WHO defines health as not only absence of disease but a state of physical, mental and social well being. Ayurveda goes a step further and defines a state of health as optimally functioning tridoshas, seven dhatus, three mallas, agni (all) and a balance state of functioning of sense organs, mind and the spirit at all times. Therefore, it is a highly dynamic state and aims at actively working towards staying healthy. No one can take his health for granted and afford to be negligent looking at the definition. We can classify the diseases as predominantly physical or sensory – motor/mental. There is a definitive code of conduct with respect to both daily and seasonal regimens.