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Vaidya M. P. Nanal (Ayurved Foundation)
General Characteristics
Any person visiting an ayurvedic physician for consultation is eager to know about his/her ‘Prakriti.’

Prakriti is a set of some physical mental sensory, motor and spiritual character of an individual. These are decided at the time of conception of that individual. Therefore, constitution or prakriti is a highly individual thing, since it is decided at the time of conception as the individual develops in the womb. Accordingly, the individual exhibits certain instincts, certain emotional and response patterns depending upon the combination and predominance of tridosha’s. It is our endeavor to present this knowledge before public with a view to propagate Ayurveda and create awareness and help them understand their constitution clearly. Also to help them understand their body mind complex and help them modify their life style to have a healthy, peaceful life.

General Characteristics of Vata Prakriti Pitta Prakriti Kapha Prakriti
A predilection towards pungent, hot and bitter tastes.