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Description: FAQs on Ayurveda and online ordering of a number of products including those for skin, hair, conditions.
Description: Includes topics like: General Health & Cure Treatments, Massage therapy, beauty & rejuvenation, pharmacy, Ayurveda ashram, ayurvedic treatment centers, panchakarma institute. The main treatments done at Ayurveda kendra are cleaning and rejuvenating therapies of Ayurveda. These treatments are most effective, especially for chronic and acute ailments.
Description: Describes the principles and diagnosis in Ayurveda, diet planning, panchakarma, spiritual remedies, astrology and Ayurveda, vastushastra and other alternative therapies.

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Description: Safe, effective lap band weight loss surgery.

Description: The best in Traditional Ayurveda, ayurvedic remedies, alternative medicine, herbal supplements, herbs, essential oils, diet consulting, massage oils, teas and spices.

Description: Know more on ayurvedic healthcare clinics and yoga centers. The page also provides many other International links to Ayurveda information.

Description: Online consultation with an expert panel of Ayurveda doctors on a variety of ailments.

Description: The Centre provides
Treatment, consultations, massage and panchakarma. Herbal products through the daughter company, surya ayurvedics. Distance learning through its association with the Australian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies

Description: Gives an introduction to Ayurveda. Services include the facility of ordering online ayurvedic books and ayurvedic Herbs.

Description:Gives useful information regarding health – healthcare industry, pharmacy, nutrition, nursing etc.

Neem Products
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of neem products including neem seed cake, repellent, oil, powder, oral hygiene, hair products, coir, skin products, medicine’s, neem tea, spray, candles, incense sticks, leaf extract, seeds, flower and many more.