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Use of Bach Flower Remedies

There are no dietary restrictions. Bach Flower Remedies are considered complimentary to any other 5 medication that might have to be taken, though they are most compatible with other holistic remedies. The remedies may be purchased as medicated globules, or in liquid form. They may be taken dry on the tongue, dissolved in water, or even in liquor.

In acute cases, often a single dose is all that is required, in which case the remedy need not be repeated. If the chosen remedy shows absolutely no effect, it should be changed, because there is no such thing as a sort of cumulative action that will come on after a few doses. If effect is slight, the remedy may be repeated even every half hour, depending on the severity of symptoms. Reduce frequency as improvement begins, and stop the remedy once a cure is effected.

In chronic cases, the remedies may be given once to three times a day, tapering off doses as improvement starts, and stopping medication when the symptoms no longer exist. The time required for the cure of chronic problems cannot be predicted, depending on several factors that differ from individual to individual.

Choosing the Remedies
You can choose to mix up to 3 remedies. If you select the wrong remedy it will have no effect.

Directions for use
Once you have chosen your remedy or remedies

How Long
If no improvement is noticed within 7–10 days in chronic cases and within a couple of doses in acute cases, reconsider your choice.
What usually happens is that after say 1 month the persons outlook alters and a new regime is required.