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This is a combination of five of the Bach Flower Remedies that have been chosen to cover mind states that would be present in emergency situations.
These are Rescue Remedies Rescue Remedies At the very least, this remedy should always be carried in an emergency, it can be a life–saver. The remedy may be dissolved in water and administered frequently, or pills crushed and put on the tongue or again, dissolved in water. The solution may also be used for external wounds.

The remedy given straight on the tongue has been known to help someone having a heart attack or a stroke or even an epileptic fit. It can be used in any emergency state, and even for those who are in a coma or otherwise unconscious. This remedy and its external application may be used for stings and insect bites as well. Rescue can be used on animals too. Rescue is one of the combination of remedies that seem to help plants that are looking dull.

Differentiating between similar remedies
Since there are many remedies that seem to resemble each other, some pointers to emphasize their differences.

Aspenis for fear of unknown things, while Mimulus is for fear of known things. Rock Rose for terror and panic while Red Chestnut is used for fear or over concern for others.

Olive is for those who are totally drained out, mentally and physically exhausted. Hornbeam is for people who are weary thinking of what they have to do, and are fine once they get started. Apart from these two, there is the tiredness that comes from taking on too much and wearing oneself out, as in the Centuary type.

Gorse is good for people feeling hopeless after suffering long, while Sweet Chestnut is for a deeper despair and an utter hopelessness with no help or hope in sight.

Cerato is for those who waver from a lack of faith in themselves or others, and are always seeking advice & confirmation from others or trying out something or someone new. Scleranthus is for people who are truly ambivalent between two choices. Hornbeam is good for the Monday morning blues. Wild Oat is used in people who are uncertain as to the correct path in life.

Willow for the people who sulk and grumble, thinking they have got a poor bargain every time, envious of others and negative, unhappy people. Holly is for a deeper resentment, jealousy that runs deep, a suspicious mind and hatred.

Gentian for depression and despondency from setbacks, and Mustard for the very black depression that comes over like a cloud, shutting out all but misery from life.

Vervain for the rigidness that comes from fixed ideas and a fanatical bent, Vine for inflexibility that comes from being certain one is the last word on anything, and Rock Water for the harshly regimented individual who assumes a moral superiority.