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The Alexander Technique
Focuses on correcting habitual posture and movement patterns that are believed to damage or impair the body’s functioning.

Is a technique that tailors guided movement and postural retraining to the particular characteristics of each client’s body.

The Feldenkrais Method
Features individual sessions performed by a trained practitioner, during which verbally directed exercises, touch and movement are used to teach new patterns in order to improve posture, movement and breathing.

Heller work
An offshoot of Rolfing (structural integration), combines touch and movement retraining to teach stress–free methods for performing everyday activities.

Includes an assortment of manual therapies that manipulate the soft tissues of the body in order to reduce tension and stress, increase circulation, aid the healing of muscle and other soft–tissue injuries, control pain and promote overall well–being.

Is a form of deep massage used to reduce tension and pain originating in specific points in the muscle layers of the body.

“Chee–goong” is an ancient Chinese discipline which emphasizes breathing, meditation, and stationary and moving exercises to enhance the flow of energy or chi (sometimes also spelled “Qi”) through the body.

Involves the manipulation of specific areas on the feet and sometimes the hands with the goal of bringing the body into homeostasis or balance. According to reflexologists, distinct regions of the feet correspond to particular organs or body systems, and the stimulation of the appropriate region is intended to eliminate energy blockages thought to produce pain or disease in the associated structures. The arrangement of reflexology areas on the feet mirrors the organization of the body to the extent that organs on the right side of the body are represented on the right foot, and similarly with the left.