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Recently, over–the–counter combination Homeopathic remedies have become available for a wide variety of common ailments. These products contain several of the most common remedies for a particular problem and can be useful for self–treatment of minor conditions. For prolonged or serious illness, a professional homeopath can prescribe specific single remedy. Homeopathic practitioners usually have prior medical training with a degree/diploma or masters in their specified branch. The pharmaceuticals who prescribe are recognized and regulated by the FDA, and may be purchased over the counter at specialty drugstores. Patients are advised that the Homeopathic medicines may please be purchased under prescriptions from Homeopathic physicians.

Any substance with the capacity to alter either the healthy or the diseased state of the human body or mind is termed as a Drug.

Any drug whose efficacy is established in treatment of one or various ailments after drug proving is termed as a Medicine.

Any medicine indicated towards a specific disease or illness to bring out a cure is termed as a Remedy.

Drug proving in Homeopathy
Drugs Drugs
Drug Proving in Homeopathy is unique since it involves study of effects of drugs in Human beings and not animals as in other systems of medicines. Importance is given to Subjective symptoms than signs (which are objective). Since a human can express his feelings and can speak, accurate study of effects of drugs on the Mind (mental level) is noted. Volunteers who are healthy individuals are used to prove various drugs. Proving of one drug may take up to several weeks since the prover has to maintain a diary and note down his symptoms on a day to day basis. The Physician is considered the best prover since he actually knows what is going on physiologically and psychologically. This drug is proved on individuals with varied constitutions to form an exact constitution of the individual.