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Homeopathic medicines will have no side effects on you or your baby.
You can use the medicines without any fear under the supervision of your homeopathic physician. The following drugs are administered for some of the common symptoms of pregnancy< described below.

Morning Sickness
Remedy: Symphoricarpus Racemosa
Nausea, Highly recommended for vomiting in pregnancy. There is marked aversion to all kind of food. Aggravation motion. Feels better lying on the back. Fickle appetite.
Remedy: Robinia
Marked acidity: Acrid eructations. Nausea with sour vomiting

Aches and pain in General
Remedy: Arnica
Pain in the back and limbs. Feeling sore and bruised from over–exertion. Everything that she sleeps on feels hard.
Remedy: Rhus tox.
General restlessness. Stiffness of joints. Aching in the legs even while resting. You just can’t get comfortable in bed and toss and turn all night.

Restless legs
Remedy: Zincum
Weakness, trembling and twitching of legs whilst you sleep. You may feel generally more tired than usual.

Emotional stress
Remedy: Kali phos
Nervous exhaustion from overwork, mental strain, worry or over–excitement makes it difficult to fall asleep.
Remedy: Gelsemium
Anxiety and fear, difficult to sleep. Your body aches and feels very heavy Emotional excitement leading to bodily ailments.
Remedy: Aconite
Restlessness and anxious with vivid dreams. Great fear about your labor.
Remedy: Sepia
Worn out from doing too much family work. Feeling ‘Saggy’–heavy, tired, irritable and depressed. Wakes at 3 a.m., sleepless and lie there with miserable thoughts.

Homeopathy & Pregnancy Homeopathy & Pregnancy Physical Tension
Remedy: Nux vomica
Ailments due to overwork. Sleeplessness. Wakes up in early hours feeling tense and anxious and can’t sleep till dawn. You get caught up in a cycle of tension and insomnia and irritability.

Remedy: Merc–sol.
Heartburn with burning pains, hiccups and burping which are worse at night.

Remedy: Calc carb.
General sluggishness. Cramps in the legs or foot at night while sleeping or waking in the morning.
Remedy: Mag phos.
Cramps anywhere in the body that are better for heat and firm pressure. General restlessness and insomnia

Blocked nose (Due to cold)
Remedy: Pulsatilla
Nose and sinuses are blocked up at night especially in a stuffy room. Feels better in the morning (when it becomes runny) and much better in the fresh and open air.
Remedy: Kali bich.
Blocked–up nose and sinuses. Dropping from the posterior nares. Mucus is sticky in the morning. Difficulty in breathing due to dryness.

Itchy skin
Remedy: Sulphur
Itching (without a rash), burning which is bad after a hot bath or at night in bed worse scratching leading to insomnia.