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Loss of scalp hair is known as alopecia.
There are about 1 lac hair on the scalp.Loosing about 100 hair per day is a normal phenomena Hair follicles continuously pass through 3 phases Type & condition of hair usually points towards the level of health an individual possesses
Types of Alopecia
  1. Permanent–caused due to
    1. infections
    2. scalp inflammation
    3. wound or trauma
      In this type hair follicles are lost & so the chances of regrowth are minimal
  2. Temporary–it is of two types
    1. Localised or Alopecia Areata
    2. Generalised or Androgenetic Alopecia
Alopecia Areata Androgenetic Alopecia Other Causes Measures To Reduce Hair Loss Effects of Alopecia on Individual Homoeopathic Aspect of Alopecia
Homoeopathy has a lot to offer in alopecia but it requires some time Identifying the causes related to alopecia like maintaining cause or precipitating cause would prove to be beneficial

Constitutional medicine approach as well as anti–miasmatic cause is required for better results Following medicines are useful in treating alopecia Caution–avoid self medication as detailed history is required in each & every case Thus Homoeopathy alongwith proper diet & regimen,regular exercises would prove to be a great ray of hope for the patients of alopecia or hair–fall

Dr Vishal A Nahar
Homoeopathic Consultant