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Tonsillitis is nothing but inflammation of tonsils which are glandular structures acting as first line of defence to prevent respiratory infections.

It can be acute or Chronic – recurrent acute tonsillitis

Acute Tonsillitis
Chronic Tonsillitis

Acute tonsillitis is commonly seen in children upto 15 years of age & the common causative organism is streptococci

  1. General lowering of body defence mechanism – tonsils get infected due to virus against which child has not yet developed resistance.
  2. Upper respiratory tract infections.
  3. Cold drinks & cold food esp. ice creams
  4. Pollution
  5. Crowded locations with ill-ventilation
  6. Infection may be transmitted from other individuals having infection.
Signs & Symptoms
  1. Raw & sore sensation (irritation) in throat
  2. Fever with headache & weakness
  3. Difficult swallowing with refused to eat
  4. Pain in throat referred to ear
  5. Tonsils are red or congested & swollen
  6. Voice may be altered
  7. Hodes in heck may swell & become painful
Acute follicular Tonsillitis – It is a condition in which tonsils are congested or red with multiple yellow spots indicating presence of pus.

  1. Otitis media or pain in ears with discharge.
  2. Tonsillar abscess or quinsy
  3. Chronic Tonsillitis
  1. Bland, soft, nutritious diet
  2. Salt – warm water gargles to relieve throat irritation.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids & warm drinks.
  4. Bed rest in severe cases.
  5. Not to self medicate.
  6. If necessary antibiotics & analgesics.
  7. Removal of Tonsils or Tonsillectomy is advised only when symptoms are troublesome & recurrence is very frequent.
Homoeopathic Aspect
  1. Hom. is a science based on rational laws and experimental data single medicine is to be given at a time based on symptom similarity.
  2. Hom. medicines correct bodily imbalances in diseased condition & raise the overall resistance.
  3. In acute tonsillitis, acute medicines are given considering the acute symptoms.
  4. In chronic or recurrent cases, constitutional treatment is necessary i.e medicine covering physical & mental aspect of patient constitutional medicines reduce the frequency of attack to a great degree.
  5. It is observed that children suffer from recurrent respiratory tract infections post- tonsillectomy. So surgery is advisable only in severe or obstinate cases.
  6. Constitutional medicine raises the level of health. It is not the case that dramatic results are obtained if there is septic focus, but after tonsillectomy when improvement is not satisfactory, constitutional medicine is useful.
Thus, we can conclude that Hom. is safe, fast acting & reliable mode of treatment in acute as well as chronic tonsillitis along with above described auxillary measures.

Dr. Vishal A. Nahar
- Homoeopathic Consultant