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Calcarea Fluorica

This is present in all elastic fibres of the body, in the epidermis, the walls of blood vessels, and also in the surface of bones and in teeth enamel.


All hard swellings, bony growths (anywhere, whether on cheek, jaws, or elsewhere) and indurated glands, indurated tonsils etc.

Bruises on scalp with hard, uneven bumps. (in the head) “A sort of creaking, straining, and drawing, greatly interfering with sleep…”

All complaints worse in damp weather and while resting, better by cold fomentation, rubbing and warmth.

Calcarea Phosphorica

This salt is vital for body nutrition and growth. It is a constituent of bones and teeth, of the blood plasma and blood corpuscles, of connective tissue, and is present in saliva and gastric juices and in milk. It is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Promotes cell growth; in fact is essential to initiate the growth process. It plays an important role in the clotting of blood; there can be no coagulation without this cell salt. Apart from its other therapeutic uses, it is an important intercurrent remedy, either as a tonic by itself, or by preparing a ground for the action of other indicated remedies.


Calcarea Sulphurica

Found in the liver where it helps in the removal of waste products. It is present in bile. A deficiency of this salt causes an accumulation of the waste. This usually finds it way out through discharges, whether nasal catarrh, skin eruptions etc. Calcerea Sulph can be called a blood purifier.


Ferrum Phosphorica

The oxygen carrier. An extremely important remedy, since it is a constituent of hemoglobin, taking up oxygen from air inhaled and carrying it to all parts of the body. Therefore its connection is to all cells, since iron is present in albumen which is the basis of every cell.


Kali Muriatica

A constituent of blood corpuscles, nerve cells, brain cells, muscles and in intercellular fluid. “A sluggish remedy for sluggish constitutions.”


Kali Phosphorica

Kali Phos may be said to work with Ferrum Phos as an oxygen carrier, it assists in the osmosis of oxygen from the blood to the tissues, completing the process initiated by Ferrum Phos. Kali Phos is a constituent “Of all animal fluids and tissues.. notably of the brain, nerves, muscles and blood cells.”


Kali Sulphurica

According to Schuessler, this is the function remedy of the epidermis. Found in cells, intercellular fluids, nerves, epithelium, blood corpuscles.


Magnesium Phosphorica

Found in the white fibres of nerves and muscles. Works in conjunction with Kali Phos, which acts on the grey nerve fibres, a disturbance in one almost inevitably affects the other. Best given in hot water.


Natrum Muriatica

This salt can be called the water regulator of the body. It enters into the composition of all fluid and solid components of the body. Its function is to maintain enough fluids in the system.


Natrum Phosphorica

An acid neutralizer. While body fluids are both acid and alkaline, deficiency only occurs in the alkaline factor, since acid is an organic component, always present, when diet is adequate. Therefore what is called “Hyperacidity” is really a deficiency of the inorganic salt that combines with it – Nat. Phos.


Natrum Sulphurica

Regulates intercellular fluid density by eliminating excess water.


Greenish Gray, dirty coating on the tongue. The characteristic coating on the tongue points to the choice of the remedy in headaches, indigestion, diarrhea, skin conditions, whatever the problem.


Found in hair, nails, skin, periosteum, nerve sheaths and bone tissue. Silicea is a cleanser – it throws out from body tissues any unwanted matter. It can often start the healing process by promoting suppuration and eliminating pathological collection.


Not confident, holds back from any challenge, but when decided, does the job well. Mind overtired from mental exertion.