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Self Neck Massage Self Neck Massage
To massage the right side of your neck, press the fingers of your left hand into the top, just below the base of your skull. Slowly drag your fingers down and over toward your right shoulder while simultaneously tilting your head to the left. Your left ear should approach your left shoulder as you move between your neck and your shoulder. Repeat this motion several times, then switch hands to work the left side of your neck.

Self Biceps Massage Self Biceps Massage Biceps (the muscles in front of your thighs)
Use the left hand to grab the right arm just above the elbow so that your thumb points up toward your right shoulder. Your fingers should wrap around the outer side of your arm. With your right arm down at your side, gently press your thumb into the biceps muscle and stroke upward towards your shoulder. Repeat several times. Next, reach your hand under your arm and place your thumb at the top of the biceps muscle below the shoulder. Your fingers should rest lightly underneath your arm. Press down gently with your thumb and move it from side to side across the tendon. Repeat several times.

Self Triceps Massage Self Triceps Massage
Triceps (the muscles at the back of your upper arms)
This massage will help your muscles recover after any activity in which you throw, hit, serve or pass (say, tennis or badminton). Bend your right arm at a 90° angle and rest your right hand on your stomach. Cross your left arm in front of you and cup your left hand over the back of your right arm, just below your shoulder. Press your left hand into your triceps muscle and slowly move it down your arm toward your right elbow. Straighten your right arm as you go. Your left hand should end up cupping your right elbow, with your right arm straight down at your side. Bend your right arm back into a 90° position and repeat three times, then switch sides and work your left arm.

Self Upper back Massage Self Upper back Massage Upper back
To loosen up those stress–knotted upper back muscles, lift your right arm, pointing your elbow upward. Drop your right hand behind your head. Squeeze the three middle fingers of your left hand together, then begin to press your fingertips against the right side of your upper back, directly below the armpit. Continue stroking along your right side, moving downward toward your waist. Once you reach your waist, lift your hand and place it at a different location below your armpit. Switch hands and work your left side.

Self Quadriceps Massage Self Quadriceps Massage
Quadriceps (the muscles in front of your thighs)
To limber up these big muscles, squeeze the three middle fingers of your right hand together and press them into the top of your right thigh. Place your left hand over your right to help you apply more pressure. Slide your hands down your thigh until they end up just above your kneecap. Continue sliding from upper thigh to knee, each time starting from a slightly different location on the thigh to completely loosen the muscles. Next, grab your right thigh with your thumbs together and the fingers of both hands wrapped around your leg. Press into the leg, moving your thumbs in a circular motion as you slide your hands toward your knee.

Self Hamstrings Massage Self Hamstrings Massage Hamstrings (the muscles at the back of your thighs)
To loosen the hamstrings, lie flat on your back with your right foot over your left knee. Grab your right leg just above the knee using both hands, with your fingers pressing into the back of your leg and your thumbs on top by your kneecap. Run your hands up your thigh, pressing with your fingers. Repeat several times. Finally, press the fingers of either hand into the middle of your hamstring and slowly rub across the leg from side to side. Move your fingers to work the entire muscle.

Lower leg (calves)
Bend your right leg and grab the bottom of your calf muscle with both hands. Apply pressure with your thumbs and slide your hands up your leg to the back of the knee. Repeat three times. Next, place your thumbs together at the top of your calf. Apply pressure and slowly pull your thumbs away from each other. Lower your hands about a half–inch and repeat, working down your calf until you reach your ankle.

Begin by gently pulling each of your finger with the thumb and fingers of your opposite hand. Gently stroke each finger as you go, applying firm but gentle pressure to any sore or tender areas. To work out your palm, loosely clasp your hands together by intertwining your fingers. Touch the thumb of your massaging hand to the area just below the opposite thumb and apply direct pressure for several seconds. Keep moving your massaging thumb around in a spiral, applying short bursts of pressure, until your thumb ends up in the center of your palm. Finish by stroking your thumb up and down into your palm. Then work the other hand.

Sit with your left foot resting over the thigh of your right leg. Hold your left ankle with one hand and slowly rotate the foot clockwise with the other hand in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Next, grab your foot from the sides with both hands. Begin to stroke lengthwise up and down your sole, firmly pressing into it with your thumbs. After you’ve finished with the long strokes, use your thumbs to make a series of small circles up and down the sole. Gently separate and pull each toe sideways, then forward and back. Then work the other foot.