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Given below is the case representation of palm that was diagnosed 10 years ago for malignancy of the liver and confirmed just a year ago for the same. The patient died eventually at the age of 50 due to the same.

The prints of both palms showed the following features due to which he was diagnosed as having cancer of the liver.
Right Palm Right Palm
Left Palm Left Palm
  1. The liver line on both palms was laddered.
  2. The life line on both hands was shallow at about the age of 49–50 and was seen to have got thinner immediately thereafter.
  3. The mounts of both the Moon and Jupiter were exaggerated.
  4. The heart line on both palms fused with the head line under the mount of Saturn by one branch.
  5. The head line displayed a pronounced slope towards the mount of the Moon.
  6. Bifurcation of the life line at the age of 50 showed a diminished life force after that.