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It’s all in One’s Hand
For centuries now, medicine has recognized the link between palmistry and good health. Plato stressed the importance of the hand in the study of human beings, Aristotle furthered this application and Hippocrates, the father of medicine, practiced this art on all his patients. Modern medical researchers too have confirmed this link.

Dr. Satish Tadwalkar, a medical palmist and BAMS, says, “Your palm could indicate the early warning symptoms to your health and serve as a guide for all your physical and mental ailments.” A practicing medical palmist for 12 years now, Dr. Tadwalkar had his first brush with the hidden science when an astrologer predicted, from the position of his mount of saturn, that he would develop dental problems soon. And true to the astrologer’s words, Dr. Tadwalkar visited his dentist two years later.

“Many a time, doctors themselves send their patients over when it becomes difficult for them to pinpoint the actual problem. In such cases, studying the markings on the hand leads us to the actual problem”, he reveals. “But you have to take all things into consideration before the diagnosis is confirmed,” he cautions.

Recalling an incident where he was called to look up a patient who was in a hepatic coma and lobar pneumonia, he narrates, “The doctors had completely given up hope and all his relatives were called. But, one look at his palm and I knew that this man had years ahead of him. He eventually did survive after a prognosis of ayurvedic treatment for a day.”

His trip to Europe last year confirmed the popularity this science enjoys with the people there. “People there have begun to appreciate this science more and more. Apart from medical sciences, Palmistry is also being effectively used in crime and counseling. I guess, there are a lot of advantages of being a medical palmist. At least I can know in advance whether my patient would pay my fees or not,” he said in a lighter vein.