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To get started with meditation, light a candle (a scented one if you prefer), and just sit quietly at any place of your choice for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not force yourself to sit anywhere for longer periods of time. As you do this for a period of time, just lighting a candle or getting that particular incense will act as a stimulus for you to relax and help you along the path of meditation.

Initially, that is, if you have never meditated before, you will feel as if your mind is a mess of thoughts. Just take a few deep breaths. Then just sit. Don’t try to stop the thoughts, let them flow in your mind. Within a week, you will see that your thoughts begin to slow down. During the whole process, you might get impatient or even bored. Don’t worry. It’s okay to feel that way.

Do this for five to ten minutes
After you are relaxed, you may fall asleep. Again, that is absolutely okay. As you make progress, you will be able to stay awake. Just have some timing device activated for 10 minutes if you feel you should not fall asleep.