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First, look for a place that you can use on a regular basis for your meditation. This will help you relax. This “Meditation space” could be a small room, or even a small nook of your house, where you could sit with your eyes closed for at least a few minutes everyday. Also, this meditation space will help you relax immediately.

You can sit on the floor or sit on some chair. If you choose to sit on a chair, you should be able to sit with your back as straight as possible. If you choose to sit on the floor, lean your back against something so as to keep your back straight. If you are too weak to sit, you can always lie down and meditate but sit up as soon as you can.

You need to have a surface of some kind in front of you where you sit. Some kind of shelf or table if you sit on a chair. If you sit on the floor, place a wooden carton or crate in front of you. Then place one or all of the following items on that surface. The objects that come from nature always help you strengthen the energy. These objects help you delve deep into your consciousness.

While creating your meditation space, don’t be in a hurry. While getting things together you may start with a candle. Then slowly and steadily as your intuition guides you, you could add some other things to the collection.