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Vipassana or insight meditation is a simple and direct practice the moment to moment investigation of the mind body process through calm, open and precise awareness. Learning to observe our experience from a place of spacious stillness enables us to relate to life with a balance of wisdom and compassion. This experience fosters clarity and penetrating insight into the nature of who we are and leads to an increased peace in our daily lives.

Metta or loving kindness meditation cultivates our ability to connect with and care in a rare unconditional way for others and ourselves. Our hearts’ capacity for patience, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness becomes boundless. With an inner and outer environment of safety, our hearts and minds can open fearlessly. The result of this practice is an ever–deepening stillness, from which the truth of life can be recognized clearly. Metta practice is a sturdy foundation for the wisdom practice of insight. Vipassana and metta are mindfulness practices originally taught by the Buddha.