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Dr. Hemalatha Murthy Dr. Hemalatha Murthy
Dr. Hemalatha Murthy, Director, National Academy of Naturopathy and Yoga, hails from Bangalore. She is conducting various health related activities in Bangalore as well as Pune. She has gained rich experience and fame in her field of Naturopathy and Yoga. In her tenure of 22 years she has worked in various capacities in Hospitals, Research, Teaching, Training, Administration and establishment of new institutions in reputed, recognized and aided organizations at all India level.

She has served as Senior Research Medical Officer (DST approved) and Professor at Jindal’s Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Bangalore, where she has treated many VIP’s of India.

She was Head of Department – Yoga in 5 years BNYS degree college under Mangalore University. She has also served in Naturopathy hospital at Pilani (Rajasthan), Bhiwani (Haryana), Delhi.

Amongst other positions held by her, she was Course Director, co–ordinator for “Yoga Teachers Course” Dept. of Education, Govt. of Karnataka, Delhi. She is on Editorial Board, Member of Governing Body, National Institute of Naturopathy (Govt. of India) Pune.

In a world where lifestyles are responsible for numerous stress related problems, Dr. Murthy has been conducting comprehensive courses in Naturopathy and Yoga, Workshops on life style management, stress management, cardiac care and reversing of coronary heart diseases. She has also been responsible for courses on Women and Child care, Natural remedies for pediatric and geriatric problems, Prevention and Care of psychosomatic disorders, etc. as in house and open house programmes.

Dr. Hemalatha Murthy consulting patient Dr. Hemalatha Murthy consulting patient
She has been a consultant for many acute and chronic diseases like IBS, ulcers, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, piles, acidity, depression, anxiety, respiratory and skin diseases, stress related disorders, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, allergic diseases, colon hydrotherapy–detoxifying treatment techniques expert. Naturopathy in India and abroad has been endorsed by Dr. Murthy’s participation in All India/International level Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and presented research papers. Her interest in promoting healthcare has been realized due to her efforts in projects for new hospitals, clinics, health clubs/centers, health equipments etc. and also her interest in developing health recipes is worth mentioning.

Dr. Murthy has also published 50 articles in National Magazines and Index Journal and is fluent in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, English, Hariyanvi, Tamil, Sanskrit.

She is married to Prof. Dr. B.T. Chidananda Murthy, who is the Director of National Institute of Naturopathy, Govt. of India, Pune

Dr. Hemalata Murthy does workshops on For any queries you can call Dr. Hemlatha Murthy at +91 20 4270059

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