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These are closed cavities containing pus. Abscesses cause pain, occasionally fever accompanied by chills and malaise.



Bunions form as a result of wearing badly fitting shoes. If the footwear is too short or too narrow the big toe joint is forced inwards resulting inflammation and enlargement of the joint due to constant pressure and irritation.


Bruises, Strains, Sprains and Muscle Injuries

No matter how healthy one is, it is absolutely impossible to avoid an occasional sprain or a bruise.

Treatment for Sprain


Fever is a warning signal the body sends out indicating that something is wrong with the system. Fever is an acute condition, and all acute conditions are direct manifestations of the self–cleansing and health restoring activity of the body. Fever should be allowed to run its natural course in order to have better health once fever subsides on its own.

If the fever is suppressed with antipyretics or antibiotics, then it will only lead to other chronic diseases. Hence, the best way to treat fever is not to interfere with the body’s self–healing process.

Fever is generally accompanied by increased body pains, generalized fatigue, malaise and distaste in the mouth.


Heat Exhaustion

It usually occurs when body is exposed to extreme heat, especially when excess clothing is worn and while working in closed, badly ventilated rooms. Symptoms are – fainting, cold and damp skin and feeble or rapid pulse rates. But most cases recover.



It occurs due to the spasm of the diaphragm caused by nervous irritation.


Nose Bleeding (Epistaxes)

Bleeding from the nose may be due to external trauma, nose picking, nasal infection or drying of nasal mucosa. Sometimes, the blood drains into the pharynx and is swallowed. Nose bleeding may occur due to blood dyscrasia, hypertension, nasal tumors etc., where before treatment it is necessary to detect the underlying cause and treat accordingly.



Toothache is surely one of the most excruciating of pains ever suffered by man. Pain is often accompanied with swelling.