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Stress is a condition that manifests when the individual’s adaptive capacity to a given situation has been overwhelmed. Any change that requires adaptive behavior could produce stress. Whatever the level of stress – physical, psychological or emotional, the net result is stress reaction which is harmful to the body, leading to diseases such as hypertension, anxiety neurosis, depression, digestive disorders and ischemic heart diseases.

Physical stress is triggered by weather, noise, pollution or disease. Emotions like anger, frustration, joy, grief, happiness, and embarrassment are psychological factors that cause stress. A certain amount of stress is desirable because it gives us the required stimulation, drive, and motivation to face the challenges of life. This in fact is termed as positive stress.

Responses to stress vary individually. Perhaps the single most significant determinant to stress response is one’s attitude towards life and the methodology he or she adopts to overcome stressful events.

What is to be done?