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The Nisargopachar Ashram – Naturopathic Centre Urulikanchan, Pune. Mahatma Gandhi, Late Balkoba Bhave and Late Dr. Manibhai Desai were the founders of the Prakritik Chikitsa/ Nisargopachar Ashram at Urulikachan, a village not far from Pune.

Gandhi took steps towards the establishment and arrived at Urulikanchan on 22nd March 1946. It was a joint effort of Motilalji Kothari and Pannalalji Baldota to bring Gandhiji here. The villagers Late Mahadev Kanchan, Manibhai Desai, Dattoba Kanchan and Bandopant Datar also contributed.

The Ashram got a boost because of the dedication showed by Late Balkoba Bhave and Manibhai Desai accompanied by Late Krishnachandraji Agarwal. Balkobaji contributed by all means and supported the ashram. The ashram has played an important role in the field of social health.

Naturopathy believes not only in irradiating the symptoms and treating them but to kill diseases from its roots. For this purpose diet, patience and exercise also is important. The ashram as designed takes into consideration all these factors. In the arms of greenery, atmosphere free and aloof from urban & industrial pollution the ashram provides you comfort and an ideal space for cure. As we know Naturopathy is based on the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sunlight, the Naturopathic center does keep you close to nature and implement the five elements in the treatment processes.

Pure air, ample sunlight, adequate greenery, then using earth for mud therapy which helps causing digestive problems, water for hydrotherapy to treat orthopedic disorders etc. Thus the ashram relies on the five elements to treat a patient. Vegetarian food in catered and pulses, green vegetables and fruit juices mainly constitute the food here. The ‘Panchmahabhut’ i.e. Five elements help a lot and show miraculous effects on the patient’s physical & mental state.

Diseases Cured Here

Functional diseases are treated mainly in the ashram. Cancer and Leprosy patients are not entertained. You find treatment for digestive disorders, obesity, liver problems, asthma, heart problems, blood pressure, skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis, diabetes, problems in ladies, mental stress, and thyroid problems.


Cells or rooms with or without an attached bathroom and toilet are available. Besides a common dormitory, private rooms are also available. The daily expenses on lodging may be from INR 35 to INR 175 per day. Massage and food cost is not included in the lodging charges. If necessary the patient is allowed to keep someone with him/her for company. A cot, mattress, pillows, blanket and a cupboard are provided to each patient.


The ashram caters vegetarian food. As per the Doctor’s prescription jowar or bajra rotis, rice, vegetable salads, soups, tulsi syrup, milk and sprouted pulses are served.

Rules to Follow


City buses from the Swargate bus terminus, Pune city are available every 20 minutes to Urulikanchan. The Kolhapur–Nagar Maharashtra Express train and Bombay–Hyderabad express halt at Urulikanchan railway station.


For admission send a money order or a demand draft of INR 30 addressed to the

‘Nisargopachar Gramsudhar Trust’

Urulikachan, Pune 412 202,

Maharashtra, India.

The Ashram

The Ashram is mainly divided into

  1. The dormitory, single and double cot rooms, dyan mandir with one cot, dyan mandir with two cots, family rooms A class and B class with one or two cots, the Chopra Niwas, the Dev Kutir, Kanchan Kutir & all for lodging.
  2. The Prerana Mandir where every evening the Doctor counsels and prayer service is held.
  3. The library where you can read and buy numerous books on Nature Care.
  4. The Office.
  5. The therapy center for mud and hydrotherapy.


Accommodation Fare Deposit amount.
Dormitories INR 35 INR 1100
Individual Room INR 70 INR 2100
Individual Room (2 Cots) INR 55 INR 1800
Sevak Niwas (1–5) INR 60 INR 1800
Sevak Niwas * 6 INR 70 INR 2100
Dnyan Mandir(1 cot) INR 70 INR 2100
Family rooms A* INR 90 INR 2700
Dnyan Mandir (2 cots) INR 55 INR 1800
Family rooms B (1 cot) INR 90 INR 2700
Family rooms B (2 cot) INR 80 INR 2400
Family rooms C INR 90 INR 2700
Chopra Niwas INR 110 INR 3500
Dev Kutir (1 cot)* INR 150 INR 4500
Dev Kutir (2 cot)* INR 110 INR 3500
Kanchan Kutir* INR 140 INR 4200
Nisarg Kutir INR 175 INR 5500
Note: * marked are toilet and bathroom attached rooms


5.00 a.m. Wake up.
6.00–7.30 a.m. Yoga
7.30–8.30 a.m. Rasahaar – where syrup of tulsi is given to the patients.
8.30–9.00 a.m. Suryasnan or Mud therapy.
9.00–11.00 a.m. Hydrotherapy.
11.00–12.00 p.m. Lunch.
12.00–1.00 p.m. Mud packs.
1.00–2.30 p.m. Counseling.
2.30–4.15 p.m. Acupressure & Rasahaar.
4.15–5.00 p.m. Health discussion.
5.00–6.00 p.m. Food.
6.00–7.00 p.m. Evening stroll.
7.00–8.00 p.m. Prayer Service.
8.00–9.00 p.m. Counseling.
9.30 p.m. Rest.