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Reiki Reiki
Reiki provides a lot of power to the person who practices it. Having a power that the common man does not have, leads to its misuse. Keeping this in mind, five principles were formulated. Every Reiki practitioner follows them in his life. Dr. Usui realized that he had been giving healing away without requiring the healee to take any responsibility.

Just for today, I will live the Attitude of Gratitude
Gratitude is a feeling that we forget easily. We might, at some stage thank God or nature or whatever we feel has given us a great deal, or at a high point in our lives feel grateful, but by and large we all tend to take most things for granted. Life is a miracle. We are blessed by any kindness or concern we receive. Gratitude maybe a question of valuing what we have. Therefore the rule formulated that Reiki is never done free. There must be an appropriate exchange of energy when you do Reiki for anyone so that the receiver is not in your debt. Usually this exchange means a monetary charge equivalent to the time and service you are giving the recipient, but if the person is very poor, you might make a suggestion of some other compensation, but do not undervalue your Reiki.

Just for today, I will not worry
Worry is usually something that we needlessly waste a lot of time and emotion over. It solves nothing, only incapacitates us with imaginary fears and these imaginary fears often immobilize us from doing what needs to be done. At the very least, worry corrodes us by its relentless circling in the mind. While it may not be possible for one to never worry, to quote, ‘Do not distress yourself with imaginings’.

Just for today, I will not get angry
While justifiable anger is a different matter, lot of anger the rage we feel in our daily lives, is again, a waste of energy and emotion, and not the least bit constructive. Properly channeled, that energy can be constructively used. Also, frequent paroxysms of anger are actually harmful from a health point of view. Research will show that the type of people prone to attacks of rage and temper tantrums are also prone to hypertension and are in a high risk category for heart attacks. Therefore, train yourself to respond to blind anger with reason. Reiki helps in controlling these extremes of reaction.

Just for today I will show love and respect for all living things
Many of us find it difficult to be kind to human beings, much less than any other species of being. In the true spirit of Reiki, we should show kindness for all living things, man and animals, and even plants, for each is a creation of the Supreme Power that gives us all life. To honor life is to honor its creator, whatever you perceive him to be.

Just for today I will do work honestly
This means more than doing your work honestly in the literal sense. It includes what may seem small matters like being at work on time, not using your employer’s facilities carelessly or for personal benefit, and doing your best, with all sincerity even when the results do not directly or otherwise benefit you. It also means not taking credit for what you have not done, and taking due responsibility for your mistakes. And of course this means not only in your job or when you earn money, but in all your day to day life, no matter what you do.

The Reiki principles are ideals that can help enrich our lives. While none of us are perfect, to try to keep to these principles enriches us and those around us. It is recommended that you read the Reiki ideals every morning, and try to implement them in your life – ‘Just for today’. After all a day is a slice of time we can commit to as tomorrow never comes!